Unlock 🔐 Your Charismatic Advantage®

The Charismatic Advantage ™ is a personal brand quality or power that heightens your attraction, connection, and influence, which are often blocked by limiting beliefs. The Charismatic Advantage ™ is about producing the most optimized story of your life and your business.

The Struggle is Real

There aren’t many smooth roads in life. And, the roads that are, typically become a struggle at some point. And if they don’t, you’re probably not challenging yourself. 

Smalls: The Rise of an Entertainer

I grew up on an island and I’m an only child, so I was unique growing up. I’m originally from St Thomas. It’s one of three United States Virgin Islands, along with St John and St Croix. You’ve probably been to one on a cruise. I lived there until I was 6 and then moved […]

Welcome to The Charismatic Advantage®

Hi, I’m Aaron Smalls! That’s Smalls like Biggie, or A-A-Ron like in the Key and Peele sketch. And you are? Well now that you’ve talked to your phone or computer, and we’ve been indirectly introduced…I have some questions. What made you start reading this blog? Are you interested in becoming a Master of Ceremonies or […]