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Unlock 🔐 Your Charismatic Advantage™

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I’m a gifted Host, a skilled DJ, a working Actor, and a forward-thinking Keynote Speaker working under Curiously Talented, LLC. I’ve had the opportunity to work domestically and internationally for audiences of 50 to over 50,000.

Some of the many notable networks, artists, and brands I’ve worked with include ABC, FOX, Food Network, TBS, Dwayne Wade, Liza Koshy, Pitbull, DJ Khaled, Journey, Mercedes Benz, T-Mobile, Event Host Live! and the NFL. With my many years of experience in the entertainment industry as a curiously talented multi-hyphenate, I’ve learned that the energy and skills that I’ve developed that make me successful in all these avenues falls under one umbrella: The Charismatic Advantage™. 

There’s a skillset inside of you that’s lying dormant that has the power to transform your life and the lives of the people that listen to you. Often the choice to blend in with the status quo and play it safe deprives you of opportunities, uniqueness, and the ability to unlock your Charismatic Advantage™
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What is The Charismatic Advantage™?

The Charismatic Advantage ™ is a personal brand quality or power that heightens your attraction, connection, and influence, which are often blocked by limiting beliefs. The Charismatic Advantage ™ is about producing the most optimized story of your life and your business. 

The Charismatic Advantage ™ happens at the intersection of thoughts, words, and actions. It’s a blend of mindset, public speaking, and leadership. It all starts with your thoughts.

Your brain is a computer. It’s your central processing unit- your CPU. How you think controls your words and your actions. Small shifts in how you think can make significant changes in the journey of your life. Small shifts in your mindset will alter how you speak. And small alterations in how you think and speak will impact your actions and the actions of those around you. What we repeat we concrete.

What We Repeat We Concrete

If your mind is focused on negative energy and unconstructive thoughts, it will become a part of your operating system. However, the contrary is also true. The more you nourish your brain with positive, enriching, constructive thoughts, and visualizations, the more those will become engrained in your day-to-day programming.

Comparable to a plant, your internal and external environment has a direct correlation to your advancement. If you immerse yourself in favorable environments mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially, your productivity and efficiency will flourish and develop in a successfully impressive way.

This type of mental change and development doesn’t happen overnight. It takes repetition and dedication to create a habit- both good and bad. Again, what we repeat we concrete. A habit can’t merely be eliminated, it must be replaced. An undesirable habit must be exchanged for a beneficial habit, or another diminishing routine will take its place.

I have friends who quit smoking simply to start drinking more frequently. Or they quit drinking just to restart smoking. And friends who have ended a toxic relationship just to quickly involve themselves with another mismatched partner. I say all of this to emphasize that small shifts in your mindset over time can lead you down a significantly different life path. Anything done to extremes can have detrimental repercussions. It’s important to harness the power of incremental change over time.

Harness The Power Of Incremental Change Over Time.

Once you’ve improved your mindset, your self-concept will change. Thinking differently will lead to speaking differently. Public speaking is another pillar of The Charismatic Advantage™. It’s not just about what you say and how you say it, but also, and probably the most critical element in the communication process, how it is received.

I treasure The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman as one of the most relevant and applicable resources and case studies when it comes to interpersonal communication. While it is specifically geared toward a loved one and how romantic partners express and experience love, I understand that the process of sending and receiving information is the core of communication. I believe identifying how to send and receive love specific to your partner or loved one is one of the greatest and unremitting challenges.

Public speaking is about communicating information in a manner that it will be received and understood efficiently and effectively. Information becomes more impactful when there is an emotional connection to it and that’s where being affective comes in.

Information becomes more impactful when there is an emotional connection.

Affective or Effective?

That’s affective with an A not an E. Affective is something that’s been influenced by emotions. Whereas effective is something that produces a desired result. To be affective creates a more authentic effect. 

When your energy authentically connects with your audience, the more they trust us. And, when there’s trust (which has to be earned continuously) you have stronger relationships, you become more valuable, and more influential.

Unlocking your Charismatic Advantage™ results in improved levels of creativity, credibility, and capability. The Charismatic Advantage™ liberates you to act, and deliver value personally and in business, breathing life into your vision.

Value doesn’t just apply monetarily. Value can be helping people make more of their lives, easing pain, or providing more joyful experiences. I’m proud and inspired by the individuals and brands I’ve helped unlock their Charismatic Advantage™ allowing them to differentiate themselves, increase their value, strengthen their relationships and, most importantly, have more fun at this thing called life.

Don’t Fail to be a V.I.P.

The potential impact of failing to have these skills results in individuals/companies not being V.I.P.s. They’ll lack Visibility, Influence, and Perspective.

Visibility creates differentiation in the flooded marketplace. Differentiation places you above the crowd to clearly communicate your message, see opportunities and have opportunities see you. A clear message creates control over your self-concept and public perception.

Influence is about authentically connecting with your audience on an emotional level to build strong relationships. Strong relationships are nourished by trust and trust makes people believe in you. When people believe in you, you’re able to change the way people feel and think, which impacts their actions.

Perspective is about a trained mindset to reframe difficult situations positively into challenges. Challenges are energizing and facilitate action. And action leads to increased opportunities. For example, reframing “hard work” into “dedicated work” immediately changes the parameters and expectations of a situation.

Failing to unlock your Charismatic Advantage™ is a bottleneck to achieving successful relationships, a thriving business, and esteemed growth. 

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Thank you for taking the time to read this blog entry. I appreciate you and can’t wait to share more with you and connect more directly…or on social.

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About Aaron


Aaron Smalls is a keynote speaker, host, DJ and actor. He partners with some of the biggest brands around the world.

Over the course of his entertainment career, he has learned to channel his strong sense-of-self and natural charisma to succeed in an industry where there’s unlimited uncertainty. 

As a keynote speaker, he teaches public speaking and communication, personal branding and reconnecting with our youthful energy. This allows his audiences to differentiate themselves, increase their value and strengthen their relationships. 

And that is what Aaron refers to as discovering and owning your Charismatic Advantage.™